Miller honored with dinner upon retirement

Dr. George C. Miller, an obstetrician/gynecologist credited with delivering more than 8.400 babies, was honored by Evangelical Community Hospital colleagues and others on Thursday night.

LEWISBURG — Dr. George C. Miller got to take a bow of his own Thursday night before an audience of colleagues and friends.

Miller, after more than 40 years of specializing obstetrics and gynecology and Evangelical Community Hospital, was honored with a dinner at La Primavera, Lewisburg. Photo montages and other items wishing him well were on display.

Miller, who by his count delivered 8,476 babies, earned the respect of people he worked with.

Among them were Dr. Julia Redcay, also an obstetrician/gynecologist at Evangelical Community Hospital.

“Over the years I have seen his dedication and heart for patients, his co-workers and colleagues,” she said. “He has been so passionate about taking care of the women and babies of our community for almost half a century.”

Redcay said the dinner was organized to recognize Miller for everything from his professional expertise and care to his sense of humor.

Redcay said people came out of the woodwork when the night was being planned, some with stories about working with Miller.

Kay Zlockie, a nurse midwife, was a partner with Miller for five years. She said he would be missed for his professionalism and dedication to patients.

“He has called me to cover because he was riding in an ambulance with a patient to Geisinger because he was worried she would have a pre-term baby,” Miller said. “I ahve never seen anyone do that. He was worried she may deliver en route.”

Miller delivered Zlockie’s stepdaughter among his thousands of deliveries.

Miller said he ended full time practice in June and is now being paid a per diem as a part-timer. He noted that he will be able to say he completed 42 years in practice when he continues to the end of June 2020.

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