ELYSBURG — The owner of Brad’s Motorcycle and ATV Repair is facing multiple charges for allegedly falsifying certificates of title, possessing two stolen ATVs, engaging in misleading advertising and failing to collect sales tax on at least 29 ATVs.

Bradley Anecki, 54, of 438 N. Market St., has been charged by Trooper Aaron Messner, of Stonington state police, with misdemeanors of false application for certificate of title, possession of a forged title, missing records and possessing an ATV with the vehicle identification numbers removed.

Messner claims in the criminal complaint that Anecki is subject to disciplinary proceedings in front of the State Board of Vehicle Manufacturers, Dealers and Salespersons for unprofessional conduct or incompetency to operate as a licensee.

According to the complaint, on Jan. 14, Anecki received a duplicate certificate of title for a 2007 Honda TRX400EX from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) in the name of the late Andrew Stanton, but with Anecki’s address listed. On Jan. 23, the certificate was assigned to Jason Boop as the purchaser and Stanton’s name was signed and then notarized by Robert Kleinschmidt.

The trooper said it is unknown who signed Stanton’s name since he was deceased at the time of notarization.

Upon purchasing the ATV, Boop was unable to get a certificate of title in his own name, due to the original title being assigned to a previous purchaser who did not submit it to DCNR.

On April 25, Michael Royer purchased a 2005 Honda TRX450R from Anecki, who advised Royer that the ATV was being sold with a title, but he had to submit an application for a duplicate in order to obtain a title. On April 26, the ATV was seized by Coal Township police because it was reported stolen.

On May 12, an inspection was conducted of Brad’s Motorcycle and ATV Repair. Anecki was advised of the inspection that was going to be conducted and his required records were requested for inspection, to include customer receipts with vehicle identification numbers, make and type of vehicles, and whom the vehicles were purchased or acquired.

Anecki provided three DCNR certificates of title for ATVs, but did not have any other documentation of vehicles sold or purchased. The certificates were “assigned in blank,” meaning the names of the transferee and the transferor were not listed on the title, a violation of the vehicle code, the complaint states.

Anecki told investigators that he never collected sales tax from vehicles sold and have never forwarded sales tax to the Department of Revenue through PennDOT or DCNR, the complaint states.

When asked about the certificate of title that was assigned to Boop for the 2007 Honda, Anecki claimed that he nor Kleinschmidt signed Stanton’s name. He said that he and Kleinschmidt were the only people present when Kleinschmidt notarized Stanton’s name.

While conducting the inspection, investigators allegedly discovered a 2001 Yamaha 350 stolen out of Phenix City, Alabama, on June 9, 2003. A second Yamaha was discovered with the VIN removed.

The trooper said Brad’s Motorcycle and ATV Repair is a registered dealer with DCNR, but is not licensed through the State Board of Vehicle Manufacturers, Dealers and Salespersons. The agency requires licensure and registration when the sale, exchange or purchase by a person in one calendar year exceeds four vehicles.

Anecki, the trooper continued, has advertised the sale and/or sold at least 29 documented Class 1 ATVs since Jan. 23 and an unknown number of motorcycles and Class II ATVs.

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