Memorial Field

Donna Weikel, Cindy Carpenter, Tracy Rohling, George Rohling, Emerson Strickler, Dave Carpenter and Al Acker recently gathered at the Memorial Field at the Hidden Valley Camping Resort.

Honors veterans of the past

MIFFLINBURG — It was seven years ago that Cindy Carpenter and her husband Dave started the Memorial Field of Honor.

It began as a way to annually honor deceased members of the military from among Hidden Valley Camping Resort members and their families. Names include those who had died from war injuries or other causes while serving or from natural causes.

Today, there are well over 170 flags in a permanent display in the center of the campground near Forest Hill. The number has continued to grow, and Cindy said she tried to ensure that each flag and veteran’s name has enough room.

“I try to make everybody in here appreciate that we honor these veterans,” Cindy explained. “They gave their lives for us to do what we can do right now.”

Veterans of almost every conflict from World War II to Iraq were honored with flags. Their name and the branch of service are on a short staff.

Cindy added that the star-shaped frame improved the presentation of the flags. She credited Kelly Acker-Rochel for coming up with the star idea. Flags were just stuck in the ground before that.

Cindy and her husband said they don’t have a fund or foundation to support the memorial, but they take donations. Flag staffs occasionally need to be replaced.

George Rohling, camping resort owner, said it was a fitting tribute not only veterans but also for the resort’s 50th anniversary. He noted the area to the west of Forest Hill Road near Mifflinburg was once a dairy farm. Tracey Rohling, wife of George, said campers worked hard on the project.

The Carpenters were helped in building the memorial by Allen Acker, Emerson Strickler, Joseph Siruc Sr., Robert Kirkner, Ron Lumbard and his Boy Scout troop Shively Electric, Donna Weikel made up all the flags, with more every day.

This year, for the 50th anniversary of the Hidden Valley Camping Resort, a Memorial Bench, made by George Ethers of the campground and Chris Long.

Cindy stressed that it was the hard work of many which made the star a reality


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