Logging miles for MS

Jeremiah Allen, Mifflinburg social studies teacher and cross country/track and field coach, was joined by his team and friends for a portion of his ‘MS Run the US’ run in 2017.

MIFFLINBURG — Jeremiah Allen will again be part of a 19-segment relay race to raise awareness  of multiple sclerosis (MS).

But this time, the Mifflinburg social studies teacher and cross country coach will be in MS Run the US near one of the Great Lakes. Allen, who had previously run a segment from Brookville to Sunbury via Mifflinburg, will be going from Milwaukee, Wisc. to Valpariso, Ind. His segment will take him through the Chicago metro area and Lake Michigan.

Allen will also have a partner, Ryan Hynek, for his 138-mile run in part because so many qualified people applied.

“They had 40 applicants for the 19 segments,” Allen said. “You go through the interview process and they ended up having more than 19 they felt could complete the entire thing. They didn’t want to turn people away because they wanted to raise money to do this.”

Hynek previously ran in MS Run the US.

It is the first time the run has gone through Milwaukee, the headquarters for the nonprofit. Running through large metro areas was not expected to be a problem, as Allen noted that there are usually running trails or paths available near Lake Michigan. Runners are also supported by a person in an RV.

“It will be a new experience,” he said. “When I did it two years ago, there was varying country across Pennsylvania. It will be neat to have a different experience. Much flatter too.”

The relay, which started in mid-April in Los Angeles, will be completed by mid-August in New York City. Allen’s dates are Wednesday, July 10 to Sunday, July 14.

Chrstina Liekhus, who ran more than 160 miles in Nebraska, was among athletes who actually have MS and keep running.

“I ran with one of the guys last year in Pennsylvania and (he) had MS,” Allen said. “I know how hilly the one across Pennsylvania is because I’ve done it before. He just kept trucking. It is super impressive what these people are able to do.”

Allen noted he still runs for his mom who has MS and his late grandfather who deid from it. He added that MS Run the US not only supports research but also practical needs for people with MS such as household ramps.

MS Run the US started in mid-April in Los Angeles and will conclude in mid-August in New York City.

Donations are being accepted at www.msruntheus.com. Allen’s goal of $12,000 was about 37% complete while Hynek’s goal of $15,000 was close to 45% filled. Progress of the relay may also be tracked via the website.

Staff Writer Matt Farrand can be reached at 570-742-9671 and via email at matt@standard-journal.com.

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