MILTON — Michelle Yost describes the Columbia-Montour Photographic Society as being comprised of “people who just enjoy photography.”

In addition to enjoying photography, members of the group are obviously good at the hobby they enjoy. Take a peek at images they’ve captured and you’ll quickly realize they have an eye for art.

About 50 photographs taken by nearly one dozen members of the society will be on display through Nov. 5 at the Milton Public Library, 541 Broadway. An opening reception is scheduled for 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Yost said the group has been meeting for about 10 years, with this being its first exhibit.

One wall at the library is filled with images captured by Twylah Naugle, a retired Milton Area School District educator.

Naugle describes some of her images on display as abstract art, created by placing images behind blocks of ice and then snapping a photo with her camera.

She became involved with the club through her husband Earl, who has some images which are also part of the exhibit.

“My husband, he was part of the club for quite a few years,” Naugle explained. “He does a lot with Photoshop. He started teaching me how to edit (photos).”

She noted that the advent of digital photography, as opposed to having to take photos with film, has made things easier for photographers.

“(My husband) always says, when in doubt shoot (a lot of photos),” Naugle said, adding that wasn’t as easy when film had to be loaded into cameras.

Members of the group focus their images on different things.

“I like photographing things that have interesting light and interesting texture,” Yost said. “Those are my favorite objects, especially trees and fog. I like the shapes... When the fog is there it really shows you the shape of the objects.”

Wayne Stotts, of Bloomsburg, enjoys photographing local landmarks, among other things.

“I am very light sensitive,” he said. “I look for texture, the time of day and the lighting (when taking photos).”

One of his images featured at the exhibit shows a sky ride at the Bloomsburg Fair.

“My favorite photograph (on display at the library), I shot in Catawissa, of the opera house,” he said. “I like the color. I like the way the (colors) stick out.”

After taking the photo, he did use Photoshop to touch it up.

Artists who have work featured in the exhibit include Barb Kuprevich, Twylah Naughle, Earl Naugle, Michelle Yost, Emily Runkle, Wayne Stotts, Pat Dorion, Sue Dorion, Bob Lombard and Avis Miller.

The Columbia-Montour Photographic Society meets monthly at the Wow Factory in Bloomsburg.

At the meetings, members critique one another’s work and hear from guest speakers who offer photography tips.

For more information on the Columbia-Montour Photographic Society, visit the organization’s Facebook page.

Staff writer Kevin Mertz can be reached at 570-742-9671 or email

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