Rotary Club gives to public library

In conjunction with its 100th anniversary celebration, the Milton Rotary Club donated $500 to the Milton Public Library. The funds were used to purchase new children’s books. From left, library Director Jed Stalker, club President Chris Coup and Vice President Tom Evans.

MILTON — As Chris Coup and Tom Evans sorted through a stack of 34 children’s books, they peppered Milton Public Library Director Jed Stalker with a series of fun questions about the books.

As Stalker held up one of the books, he noted that it’s part of the popular “Click, Clack Moo” series which focuses on cows that use computers.

Coup, president of the Milton Rotary Club, and Evans, vice president, recently visited the library to preview the new books which were purchased through a $500 donation the club presented to the library. The donation was made as part of the club’s 100th anniversary celebration.

“Literacy is one of the focuses of Rotary,” Coup said. “Supporting our public library is very important. It’s a great resource for the community.”

Stalker expressed thanks to the club for the donation.

“We are required to spend 12% of our budget on incoming books,” Stalker said, noting that the percentage is a state requirement.

“It makes a book more special to have a local organization purchase it,” he added.

Stalker explained that the 34 books purchased with the donation will be placed in a section of the library where the most popular books are shelved for checkout.

“A lot of them are books I had read about and meant to buy,” he said. “These are books that will go out most frequently.”

As part of this year’s 100th anniversary celebration, the club has been supporting community initiatives.

With the help of a Rotary District 7360 matching grant, the club made a $3,000 donation to purchase new books for the Baugher and White Deer Elementary School libraries.

Many of the school’s library books were lost when mold and high humidity conditions resulted in extensive remediation efforts taking place in the school buildings at the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

In addition to quizzing Stalker about the popularity of the children’s books, Coup also asked how community members can donate new books to the library.

Stalker explained that the library has an “Adopt-A-Book” program.

Through the program, individuals can donate funds to the library to purchase a new book. When the book arrives, the donor can first check it out before it’s placed into circulation for other readers.

Stalker also noted that the club presented the check to purchase the books while holding its 100th anniversary celebration at the library.

He noted that rentals of the library have been increasing recently.

“We had a baby shower here, bridal shower, birthday party,” Stalker said. “The place is available for rent. We love creative ideas.”

For more information on the Milton Public Library, call 570-742-7111, email or visit

Staff writer Kevin Mertz can be reached at 570-742-9671 or email

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