MILTON — A Milton man has been jailed after allegedly firing a shot out of the third-floor attic window of a Myrtle Street home on Friday.

According to information released Sunday by the Milton Police Department, Stanley W. Griffin Jr. was taken into custody following an alleged incident which occurred Friday at 124 Myrtle St.

Police said they responded to the report of shots fired and people yelling. Once on scene, police reported seeing Griffin in a third-story window. Several individuals on scene reported Griffin as being the individual who fired a shot out of the window.

Griffin was taken into custody, while police reportedly found a black pistol with two loaded magazines on the floor near his feet.

An unidentified man and woman told police they were at the home earlier in the evening removing some belongings when Griffin allegedly pointed a gun from the window in their direction. He allegedly fired a shot when the woman stepped toward him.

A 9 mm shell casing was found on the porch roof, just under the window. Police also reported finding multiple items of drug paraphernalia and suspected marijuana.

Griffin was transported to the Northumberland County Jail and is awaiting arraignment.

Police from Watsontown and the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department assisted on scene.

Milton police also reported traveling to Fairfax County, Virginia on Friday to take Ryan C. Lecroy into custody on a felony arrest warrant. Police said the warrant stemmed from an Oct. 15, 2017, incident which involved the alleged theft of a vehicle on Hepburn Street.

Lecroy was also locked up in the Northumberland County Jail and is awaiting arraignment.

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