St. Louis Street townhouse plans closer to back on track

GreenSpace Properties LLC recently submitted documents to the municipality required for development of a field near the old high school into townhouses. A March deadline had been missed.

LEWISBURG — Developers who admittedly neglected timely submission of documents for a $5 million to $8 million townhouse project have apparently satisfied Lewisburg Borough Council.

The matter concerning GreenSpace Properties LLC was discussed at the council meeting Tuesday night as well as a work session the prior week.

William Lowthert, borough manager, said a developer’s agreement and a stormwater agreement were now being reviewed by Andrew Lyons, borough solicitor. But council chose not to untable permission to proceed, which will likely come up at their October meeting.

In August, council had the options of withdrawing permission to continue the project or of asking the developer to start the process again. The matter was tabled instead and Tom Romanowski, GreenSpace project manager, agreed to discuss it at the council work session held last week.

Debra Sulai, borough council president, concurred that progress was made by GreenSpace. She was hopeful that the borough will “gain some high-quality housing stock in a prime but underutilized location,” a practice field to the south of the former Lewisburg Area High School.

Borough Council also heard an appeal of refuse collection fees at three properties on North Seventh Street.

Lowthert said the properties were owned by a husband and wife. However, the husband died earlier this year and the wife was not fluent in English. She was represented by her son at the Tuesday night meeting who asked for forgiveness for fees, interest and lien costs which had accrued.

Lowthert noted the three properties were rental properties which had fallen into a state of disrepair during the husband’s illness and refuse bills had not been paid for about two years.

Council made no decision on the appeal for a reduction of about 50%, but will mull it over before their October meeting.

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