MILTON — Three Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (CSIU) employees will each be receiving an approximate $20,000 pay increase after being granted position transfers during the organization’s Wednesday board meeting.

The following position transfers were among a slew of personnel items approved by the board: Dr. Bernadette Boerckel, from director of community outreach to chief outreach officer, salary change from $120,199 to $140,000; Dr. Molly C. Neidig, from director of academic programs to chief academic officer, salary change from $120,199 to $140,000; and Dr. Shileste Overton Morris, from center for schools and communities director to chief programs officer, salary change from $120,199 to $140,000.

Other position transfers approved by the board include: Mark Carollo, from cooperative purchasing program manager to associate director of cooperative purchasing, salary change from $78,325 to $86,675; Jessica B. Harry, from special education program supervisor to special education and off-site facilities support, salary change from $78,676 to $83,396; Jared Lehman, from associate director of cooperative purchasing to director of cooperative purchasing, salary change from $102,017 to $113,365; Amber Lind, from data support services supervisor to cooperative purchasing program manager, salary change from $28.85 per hour to $35 per hour; Thomas Packer, from off-site facilities support technician to off-site facilities safety support technician, salary change from $19.20 per hour to $20.35 per hour; Shelly Rumberger, from administrative assistant to data management assistant, salary maintained at $18.90 per hour; Cathy Yordy, from administrative assistant to special education administrative assistant, salary change from $12.36 per hour to $13.10 per hour.

Salary increases, at 3% each, were approved for three members of the senior leadership team, effective at the beginning of the 2020-2021 budget year.

Assistant Exeuctive Director Dr. John Kurelja will see his pay increase from $173,999 to $179,219. Chief Innovation Officer John Brenley’s pay will increase from $172,783 to $177,967. Chief Financial Operations Officer Brian Snyder’s pay will increase from $145,000 to $149,000.

The following new employees were approved: Megan Carr, occupational therapist, $59,934; Heather Cuff, early head start family partner/home visitor, $18.21 per hour; Austin Fry, client support specialist, $46,000; and Betsy Stetler, head start instructor, $19.30 per hour.

The board approved a $5 million line of credit with First National Bank of Pennsylvania, for future operational cash flow needs.

A lease agreement renewal with the Northumberland County Career and Technical Center, for property located at 1700-2000 W. Montgomery St., Coal Township, was approved.

The CSIU will be paying $3,300 per month for use of 7,920 square feet of space for head start, early head start and early intervention programs. The rate represents a $1,100 increase from an agreement signed in 2018.

CSIU will also be using an additional 420 square feet in the facility.

Sheks Sealcoating Services, Lewisburg, was approved to complete sealcoating and line stripping of the CSIU parking lot and annex, at a cost of $14,650 to CSIU.

Weatherproofing Technologies Inc., of Beachwood, Ohio, was approved to perform window maintenance at the CSIU Conference and Learning Center, at a cost to CSIU of $9,955.

Staff writer Kevin Mertz can be reached at 570-742-9671 or email

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