Milton prepared for virtual learning

Dr. Cathy Keegan

MILTON — Milton Area School District staff members have been working “diligently” to prepare for virtual learning, according to Superintendent Dr. Cathy Keegan.

As a result of the mandated statewide school closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, students in the district will resume their education Monday via the worldwide web.

“The district has worked diligently to prepare our community for a brand new, virtual learning experience,” Keegan said. “Our web page is live with answers to many questions our students and families will certainly be asking. A link to ask further questions is also available for our community.”

She said the district’s current learning plan will include daily virtual face-to-face time between teachers and students.

“Our students need to see their teachers and our teachers need to see their students,” Keegan said. “This worldwide pandemic has forced people to quickly assimilate to a different lifestyle. Education, as we have known it, has been greatly impacted.”

She said teachers in the district have been preparing to begin educating students virtually.

“Our staff are working around the clock to address every new situation or need that arises,” Keegan said.

“Educators are getting ready to teach virtually, a whole new experience for them,” she continued. “They are innovating and creatively developing engaging lessons for our children.”

Superintendents from across Pennsylvania have been meeting virtually daily to discuss challenges arising daily as a result of the pandemic, Keegan said.

“Schools in Pennsylvania continue to wrestle with their school calendar,” she said. “Discussions about graduation are not yet occurring. Until the unknown becomes known and controlled, many decisions will be placed on hold.”

With Milton launching into virtual education on Monday, Keegan noted that “the home will now become the classroom.

“That is a big change for families,” she said. “We thank the community in advance for their patience and understanding... The support we have felt has been amazing.”

Staff writer Kevin Mertz can be reached at 570-742-9671 or email

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