LEWISBURG — In less than two years, The Scratching Post (TSP), Lewisburg’s cat cafe, has adopted out 228 felines.

TSP officially opened its doors in early 2018 and has since found homes for cats from their rescue agency. The Cherished Cats Rescue Alliance has partnered with TSP from the start.

Usually around a dozen cats stay at TSP, 230 Market St., Lewisburg, while they wait for adoption. Potential adoptive parents or just cat fanciers who cannot adopt are frequent visitors.

It’s a busy place, said Liz Preston, a volunteer from Muncy. She said there are five adoptions pending of the 11 cats now on the premises.

“It’s been like a turnstile here,” Preston said. “Which is awesome. We love that.”

Donations collected for adoption go to the rescue organization for spay/neuter costs, emergencies and rescue work in general. There is a $5 recommended donation for an hour visit with the cats at TSP.

Preston has volunteered for about 18 months and has noticed each cat has a distinct personality. They get along well, mostly, but always make visits interesting for human guests.

“They have no problem socializing themselves,” Preston said. “I think because of the rescues the come from they are around other cats to begin with. In the case of being fostered the are around animals that are ready for that.”

Preston had a pet calico named Mouse when younger. She was devastated when Mouse died and her parents chose not to get another pet. Preston thus became dedicated to the cat cause.

Tabby or tiger-striped cats are currently the majority at TSP, while orange cats dominated during the summer. There was a Manx named Ember on a recent weekday. The breed which lacks all but a stump for a tail, originated on the Isle of Man.

Preston talks up the cats to aid their adoption and enjoys the new ones coming in. She admitted to bonding with the cats.

“There have been a couple where I have shed some tears when they left,” she said. “More so because I am sad I am not going to see them, but happy they have found their forever homes.”

Tina Munster of Williamsport, is a frequent visitor, and an adoptive cat parent since the end of July. Pixie, a male originally thought to be female, has proven to be a joy.

“He’s the best, most cuddly and weirdest boy,” Munster said. “He plays fetch, obsessively, with little balls. Sometimes he takes them and lines them up.”

Angela Brouse, co-founder of TSP with Sarah Kline, noted that they rely on donations of supplies for the cafe and for a trap-neuter-release program (TNR). A plea for traps was recently put out and 10 were delivered in two weeks. They are loaned to people who want to control the population of feral cats in their areas.

Specials were planned both for “Black Friday,” Friday, Nov. 29 and Lewisburg Downtown Shoppers Night, 6:59 p.m. to midnight Friday, Dec. 6 in downtown Lewisburg.

Brouse noted TSP was the first cat cafe in the area, with others opening since in Bloomsburg and Williamsport.

Staff writer Matt Farrand can be reached at 570-742-9671 and via email at matt@standard-journal.com.

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