Ruth Lindberg

Ruth Lindberg, PLUC outreach coordinator, received flowers from her son Walter Lindberg on her last day in the library before retirement.

PLUC’s Lindberg retires

LEWISBURG — Ruth Lindberg left The Public Library for Union County (PLUC) on Friday with satisfactions of a job well done.

Lindberg retired after working for the library since 1997, mostly as outreach coordinator where she delivered items from the library to people in nursing homes, assisted living and individual homes.

Large print books were in constant demand, Lindberg said of her outreach work. But regular books, CD audio books and DVDs were also popular. Magazines were sometimes circulated, but she said they were a little harder to keep track of.

Lindberg said people who need outreach services need to sign up. The qualifier is usually that they cannot drive, but there were some who signed up temporarily due to injury or surgery.

During stops in senior communities such as Elmcroft and RiverWoods, Lindberg often sat with new outreach clients to figure out what they’d most enjoy reading. Sometimes, a reader could recall a book they read, but not the author. She thus always took extra books along to give new people a choice.

Regular visits to local senior facilities were usually every two weeks. New clients would be officially signed up on return to PLUC.

“It just was a pleasure to meet with them,” she said of her outreach clients. “Lots of them just wanted to sit and talk.”

Many would offer coffee or tea, and Lindberg said she could oblige a little, but usually had to move on. The relationships which developed proved fun and meaningful.

“The sad part of my job is that they pass away,” she said. “I grow very fond of them.”

Lindberg would meet people as a group in community room settings, such at Heritage House, Lewisburg. One resident always claimed Lindberg was late in arrival. They turned it into a comic routine until the man died.

“It was sad for all of them to see him pass away,” she said. “But that’s part of the outreach program.”

Lindberg also maintained a deposit station in the Allenwood Post Office where children’s books and paperbacks were offered. She noted the station was like a “little library” on a tabletop, where people took and returned items on the honor system. There was also a deposit station in Allenwood FCC.

The many clients Lindberg grew to know and appreciate through the years included Harris Lemon, who lives on a hilltop near Mifflinburg. Connie Troutman, Gladys Eichelberger and Lila Baddoff of Lewisburg area also came to mind. 

Lindberg and her husband noted they have plans to move back to her hometown area of Manheim, Lancaster County.

Visit The Public Library for Union County, 255 Reitz Blvd., Lewisburg, or call 570-523-1172 for more information.


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