WRAFD receives boost from woman's club

The Warrior Run Woman’s Club recently presented a $750 donation to the Warrior Run Area Fire Department, of which $500 was earmarked for the department in general and $250 was given to support fire prevention activities. From left, department volunteers Judy Hawley, Heather Harrison, Chief Doug Funk and Warrior Run Woman’s Club Vice President Susan Kling.

WATSONTOWN — With two checks in hand, the vice president of the Warrior Run Woman’s Club recently visited the Warrior Run Area Fire Department to present donations to help boost the department’s operations and programs.

Susan Kling, the club’s vice president, presented $500 to the department’s chief, Doug Funk, to support operations of the department. In addition, $250 was presented to department volunteers Judy Hawley and Heather Harrison to be used for the fire prevention program.

“We’ve donated to the fire company for many years,” Kling said. “We are really big on supporting organizations in our community.”

She said the $500 represented the annual donation to the department.

Kling also noted that volunteers from the department assist each spring with the club’s bike hike.

Recently, she said club member Bev Staman was speaking with Hawley and Harrison and learned the fire-prevention program receives few donations.

“We decided to earmark money for them as well,” Kling said.

Each year, Harrison said the department presents fire-prevention programs at Turbotville Elementary School and several pre-schools in the area.

“This will help with the cost of the products we get into the hands of the kids,” Harrison said, of the donation.

At the presentations, children receive items including small fire helmets, water bottles and other material related to fire prevention.

Hawley said it’s important to begin educating children about fire prevention at a young age.

“It’s good teach them at a young age not to play with matches and to get out, stay out, never go back in (in a fire),” Hawley said. “The younger you teach them, the better.”

Harrison also noted that it’s important the children receive fire-prevention lessons each year they’re in elementary school.

“If you keep on doing it every year, it keeps it fresh in their mind.”

Hawley and Harrison, as well as Funk, expressed thanks to the woman’s club for the donations.

“Donations are one of those things we keep in the budget, on the revenue side,” Funk said. “We do depend quite a bit on donations to support the funds we get from municipalities.”

Kling said money the club donates to community organizations is raised through various fundraisers the club conducts each year.

One of the biggest fundraisers, Kling said, is a basket raffle which the club holds annually during the Turbotville Community Carnival and the Warrior Run Area Fire Department’s carnival in Watsontown.

Donations to the Warrior Run Area Fire Department, and its fire prevention program, can be sent to 1125 Main St., Watsontown, PA 17777.

A note should be included with donations to support fire prevention noting that’s the program in which the funds are to support.

Staff writer Kevin Mertz can be reached at 570-742-9671 or email kevin@standard-journal.com.

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