NEW COLUMBIA — “Newky” community members prepared in earnest this week for their annual showcase festival.

The New Columbia Apple Butter Festival begins at 9 a.m. Saturday on the grounds of the New Columbia Civic Building 224 Third Street, New Columbia. Craft vendors, food vendors, children’s activities and other fun will be featured.

But apple butter and apple dumplings will as always be the top draw.

Amy Ficks, a member of the New Columbia Civic Assocation, said the apple butter was cooked and canned two weeks ago. Bushel after bushel of apples were peeled and cooked with a couple of other ingredients, a process which requires constant stirring.

Ficks said he process to select a winning label for the apple butter containers also began about two weeks ago. Materials were dropped off at White Deer Elementary School so that a student could design and submit a label.

Fifth grade students of Melissa Lilley and Cassandra Urso gathered in the music room Thursday afternoon to await the naming of the top three.

The first place design, a rendition of the Civic Association Building submitted by Chloe Shook, was reprinted and used on the 2019 apple butter containers. Samantha Krall and Hailey Hakes respectively submitted the second and third place designs.

Meanwhile, a production line of apple dumplings at Trinity United Methodist Church was doing its best to meet its goal of 1,500 dumplings.

Terri Stump, long-time New Columbia resident, said they were well on their way as of early afternoon Thursday. She added that the dumplings were bigger than ever this year.

Ginny Buck, long-time Civic Association coordinator, said there would be at least 30 vendors at the festival.

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