LEWISBURG — Professional quality consultation for travelers became more necessary than ever in the last few years.

“There is definitely a resurgence in guests needing assistance,” said Sara Newbury, travel advisor and office manager for Travel Leaders Lewisburg. “There is too much information out there. Not many people have the time to sit down and sift through all that information.”

Newbury said there are almost an endless number vendors and suppliers where someone could book a trip, not to mention the ever-changing roster of airlines available.

“The travel advisor is an asset for anyone looking to travel,” Newbury said. “We know how to sift through all of that and in a timely manner.”

Newbury said Travel Leaders can offer more than just booking flights, cruises and hotels. In fact, an upside of their service benefits from rapid communication available today.

“What we like to do is provide ‘conciegre-level’ service,” Newbury said. “What that means is that we are fully hands-on. For the most part, I give out my personal cell number out and we have some way of messaging each other if something happens.”

Newbury said they can act as “eyes in the sky” for the traveler, if plans change due to unexpected circumstances such as illness or injury. Similarly, she said Travel Leaders can come through for something as simple as finding something extra to do.

“We’ve had people call and say we have a little bit free time. What is around for us to do? Could you set up a tour for tomorrow?” she explained. “Sure, no problem. Literally, that is all over the world.”

Newbury noted that the skills of colleague Milla Cassidy have already come in handy. Cassidy, a travel advisor, speaks Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and English fluently.

“(When) I have clients going to Spain, my Spanish is very limited,” Newbury noted. “She is able to call anywhere in the world for the most part and is able to speak and confirm reservations. It’s fantastic.”

Cassidy’s experience has included working for British Airways at Philadelphia International Airport and for ocean-going cruise lines. A sixth language, indigenous to her birthplace of Guinea-Bissau, is not an official language of that country but could also be a resource if needed.

The Lewisburg office is one of three franchises owned by an Ohio woman. It is her only location in Pennsylvania. Newbury noted that there would be an open house, all day Thursday at Travel Leaders, 302 Market St., Lewisburg. Food, refreshments, a ribbon-cutting and travel promotions would be featured. Call 570-551-6055 for more information.

Staff writer Matt Farrand can be reached at 570-742-9671 and via email at matt@standard-journal.com.

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