Brandon Kramm Memorial Baseball Field taking shape

John Fairchild, Lewisburg Area School District director of administrative services, Robert J. Kallin, Green Dragon Foundation president, and Delbert Gallegos, LASD supervisor of buildings and grounds stand near what will be home plate at the Brandon Kramm Memorial Baseball Field.

LEWISBURG — The grounds around Lewisburg Area High School are subject to day-to-day change.

John Fairchild, LASD director of administrative services, and Delbert Gallegos, director of buildings and grounds, offered an overview of what students and parents will see when they arrive Wednesday for the first day of classes.

Fairchild and Gallegos were joined by Robert J. Kallin, Green Dragon Foundation president. The tour was offered amid the hum of earth-moving machinery as work progressed.

“Phase 1 was the high school,” Fairchild said as he led the group. “What we are looking at is the beginnings of Phase 2.”

Fairchild said crews were busy this summer building an access road and access path with additional parking for the turf field. Part of the access space will remain a gravel parking lot at the start, with an area for expansion if needed.

Limited handicapped parking was also being put in for the Brandon Kramm Memorial Baseball Field. The space for the field itself has been improved and it is easy to envision where home plate and the pitcher’s mound will be.

Kallin pointed out that Green Dragon Foundation fundraising for the baseball field started about three-and-a-half years ago.

“We raised a little over $400,000,” Kallin said. “From what I heard earlier this week from our architect, we are actually running a little under budget.”

Kallin said the current thinking was that grass would be planted in the outfield, with sod rolled out for the baseball infield. It is hoped that the field will be usable in spring, though the natural grass will have to sit and take root for a time.

Gallegos noted that trenches and under-drains were in place.

“The under drainage is to help carry excess water away from the field so it doesn’t get over-saturated,” Gallegos said. “A baseball field has got to be dry to play on, especially the infield.”

Kallin credited the Kramm family with helping the vision come true.

Meantime, plans for a concession stand in a central spot amid the fields were in the exploratory stage. It would also contain public rest rooms and serve all the fields.

“We assembled a stakeholders group,” Kallin said. “(Ted Strosser) is the architect that we area working with to come up with concept drawings for what a concession stand bathroom complex might look like.”

Kallin said there was a stakeholders meeting this week which discussed the “must haves” for such a structure.

“We haven’t committed to raising the fund for the project,” he said. “We need to still bet cost projections which we don’t have because the design isn’t quite here we think it should be.”

Fairchild said grass will grow on some of the grounds thanks to hyper seeding. A large truck with a spray device is used to mix seeds with water and spray them over a large area. The technique is faster and more efficient than conventional seeding.

Fairchild also pointed out an area where a softball field could be added to the grounds. He called it “Phase 2B,” and noted plans would only go forward if demand and funding support it. The other part of the second phase of improvements included tennis courts and a connecting loop road which would complete a road around the high school.

Visit for more information about the nonprofit fundraiser.

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