MIFFLINBURG — Participants in the Mifflinburg Area High School fall play were placed under strictest orders to keep the outcome of the show a secret.

“Clue On Stage (High School Edition),” will be performed at 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Nov. 16, in the auditorium at Mifflinburg Area High School, 75 Market St., Mifflinburg. General reserved seating is $7 or $5 for children age 12 and under.

A whodunit, “Clue” is based on the screenplay of a movie which itself was based on the board game of the same name. The cast list of Mifflinburg Area High School students also contains characters which should be familiar to people who know the film or the board game.

They include Wadsworth (Christopher Rapson), Yvette (Kiana Wenrick), Miss Scarlet (Laura Hamm), Mrs. Peacock (Kiley Aikey), Mrs. White (Kaylin Foss), Colonel Mustard (Declan MacPherson), Professor Plum (Adam O’Neill), Mr. Green (Noah Hurst), The Cook (Emily Seebold) and The Motorist (Logan Hackenberg).

Characters also included Singing Telegram Girl (Amanda Reid), Mr. Boddy (MacClenason Wagner), The Cop (Carter Abram), FBI agents (Seth Post and Taylor Williams) and Reporter (Gryffin Kresovich).

Cast members include newcomers and experienced performers.

“I think this is the coolest one I’ve done so far,” Rapson said of the way the ensemble learned the show. “The story is just fantastic. With a lot of shows we have to go back and block a lot of things, but with this show it just naturally blocked itself.”

Hamm said Miss Scarlet was fun to play.

“I love my character,” Hamm observed. “She’s sassy. She’s sexy. She’s flirty. I love it.”

O’Neill described Professor Plum as a smarmy, arrogant man.

Wenrick, as Yvette the maid, said she adopted a French accent.

“It came naturally,” she said. “I’m kind of Russian. The Russian and the French swirled about and I learned it pretty fast.”

MacPherson, a senior, said Colonel Mustard was his first appearance on the Mifflinburg stage.

“I think this show is so full of personality,” he said. “The amount of expressiveness we can bring to these characters is unique to this show.

MacPherson, a senior, said it was a great way to start and end his high school acting career.

Kaylin Foss, as Mrs. White, said though the show is new to the students a lot of older folks will like it because they are familiar with the film.

“The movie was made in the (1980s),” Foss said.

Noah Hurst as Mr. Green and Kiley Aikey as Mrs. Peacock were similarly enjoying their roles and how it is all played for comic effect.

Director Patricia Wagner said the staging itself was designated to make the murder mystery board game come to life. There are a lot of lighting changes and sound effects which will keep everything interesting.

“Clue,” the 1985 film, was distributed with several different endings. Wagner said their production would have one ending which would be kept confidential until showtime.

Staff writer Matt Farrand can be reached at 570-742-9671 and via email at matt@standard-journal.com.

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