LEWISBURG — Evangelical Community Hospital recently announced the recertification of its Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation programs by the American Association for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR).

The certification demonstrates each program’s adherence to current, essential clinical standards and guidelines and their dedication to using best practices for program quality and improving patient outcomes.

Cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation programs are designed to help people with cardiovascular and pulmonary problems recover faster and improve their quality of life. Both programs include exercise, education, counseling, and support for patients and their families.

The AACVPR certification is the only peer-review accreditation process designed to review individual facilities for adherence to standards and guidelines developed and published by AACVPR and other professional societies. Each certification is valid for three years at which time programs must be reassessed.

Evangelical’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation program has been in existence for 16 years and delivers broad services that help improve the well-being of people who have chronic or ongoing breathing problems brought on by disease or lung damage.

Evangelical’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation combines exercise training and educational programs designed to help patients who suffer from chronic pulmonary disease control symptoms and improve day-to-day activities.

A physician referral is required.

First certified by the AACVPR in 1998, the Cardiac Rehabilitation program at Evangelical Community Hospital has existed since 1976 and serves individuals with identified heart issues in performing mild, regular physical activities that build strength and stamina.

Through the Cardiac Rehabilitation program, patients can progress at their own individual pace. Participants complete their physical activities next to others who have heart disease and understand the recovery process. All exercise is closely monitored by Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certified registered nurses and exercise specialists who serve not only to lead the patient through the program but encourage and support them and their families as they move through the recovery process.

The program is not only about exercise, included is nutrition counseling, on-going evaluation of progress and continuous communication with the referring physician.

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