MIFFLINBURG — The top administrator of the Mifflinburg Area School District noted that policies regarding smoking also apply to vaping.

Superintendent Daniel Lichtel cited policy 222 and how it applied to tobacco and related products.

“We include in this definition any oil, liquid or solid substance that produces the same physical manifestation that tobacco, or smokeless tobacco or nicotine products would as well as look-alike items,” Lichtel said. “Included are what are called electronic cigarettes.”

Lichtel said there are issues within the schools regarding vaping.

“It doesn’t seem to be entirely pervasive,” he said. “We are dealing with it as a matter of discipline similar to the way we would deal with tobacco use and students who are caught with tobacco products.

Detentions and in-school suspensions seemed to be the most common penalties, he added, for violations of the board policy. He added that the public may access board policies by logging on to the district website at www.mifflinburg.org.

Other details of the board policy indicated that superintendents or a designee shall notify students and parents about the district’s tobacco use policy by publishing such policy in the student handbook, district newsletter or via another route each year. The superintendent or designee may report incidents of possession, use or sale of tobacco by students on school property, at any school-sponsored activity or on a conveyance providing transportation to or from a school or school-sponsored activity to the local police department that has jurisdiction over the school’s property.

Such an action would be taken in accordance with state law and regulations, as proscribed in a memorandum of understanding with local law enforcement and by board policies. The superintendent or designee shall also notify the parent or guardian of any student directly involved in an incident involving possession, use or sale of tobacco immediately or as soon as practicable. They shall also inform the parent/guardian whether or not the local police department that has jurisdiction over the school property has been or may be notified of the incident.

Incidents of possession, use and sale of tobacco in violation of this policy by any person on school property shall be reported to the Office of Safe Schools on the required form at least once each year. Policy also mandates a student convicted of possession, use or sale of tobacco in a school building or on a school bus or school property shall be fined up to $50 plus court costs or admitted to alternative adjudication.

Staff writer Matt Farrand can be reached at 570-742-9671 and via email at matt@standard-journal.com.

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