SORT team visits Camp Cadet

A SORT team member from SCI Muncy showed firearms used by the team to Susquehanna Valley Law Enforcement Camp Cadet participants, including (from left) Yelipsa Estrada, Jayden Mather of Selinsgrove and Natasha Kurtz of Sunbury.

SELINSGROVE — Young people attending Susquehanna Valley Law Enforcement Camp Cadet (SVLECC) got a visit on Tuesday from correction officers trained for the highest level emergencies behind the walls..

A SORT (Special Operations  Response Team) from SCI Muncy explained their their jobs while wearing the gear they do them in. Rainfall moved their presentation to the Garrett Athletic Complex at Susquehanna University.

“They are the prison guards (at Muncy),” said Trooper Richard Blair. “But they are specially trained to handle some of the more serious situations there, kind of like a ‘SWAT’ team for the prison.”

Blair noted the SORT team visits the residential camp annually. Gear annually demonstrated included body armor and firearms.

Officers assured the campers none of the weapons had ammunition clips but clearly explained the situations each could be used for. Campers familiar with firearms identified the weapons with little prompting.

Other activities scheduled for the day included a visit from a PSP mounted unit, as trailers were at the ready for a late-morning demonstration.  

SVLECC, now in its 14th year, is a one-week camp which encourages boys and girls age 12 to 15 to develop self-esteem and teamwork skills. Law enforcement careers are also highlighted and motivational speakers are on the schedule. SVLECC is for young people in Union, Snyder, Montour and Northumberland counties. It is supported by donations rather than being part of the state police budget.

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