Man who shot back faces extradition

A suspect who allegedly shot back at a drive-by shooter from 1704 W. Market St., East Buffalo Township, faces extradition from North Carolina.

LEWISBURG — Extradition of a suspect from another state can take time.

So noted D. Peter Johnson, Union County district attorney, after the arrest of a third suspect in connection with an alleged drive-by shooting reported June 1 in East Buffalo Township.

“Once a warrant is issued here and a person is not found here, then it goes on to the National Criminal Information System (NCIS) and that goes out to all police departments,” Johnson said. “So that if he gets found somewhere else they have this warrant (and) what they do it arrest him on all the states have is some level of charge for charging a fugitive.”

Once charged and in custody, Johnson said a suspect needs to decide before a judge whether or not they will waive extradition.

“If he does (waive), we just make arrangements to have him picked up and we bring him back here,” Johnson said. “If he doesn’t waive extradition, then he has a right to a hearing which basically is only about (the suspect) is who we say he is and we haven’t gone after somebody by mistaken identity.”

An extradition hearing as it is known, does not allow for a suspect to mount a defense.

Daevon K. Bodden, 19, of East Buffalo Township was taken into custody by federal marshals Thursday morning in Raleigh, N.C. on allegations related to the shooting reported along West Market Street. They included felony aggravated assault with attempts to cause serious bodily injury or cause injury with extreme indifference, discharge of a firearm into an unoccupied structure and firearms not be carried without a license.

Police alleged that Julio A. Gonzalez, 24, of Sunbury opened fire in the direction of 1704 West Market Street from a green 2009 Subaru Forester XT. Bodden, from the residence, allegedly fired multiple rounds from a handgun in the direction of the vehicle. He sustained a leg wound in the incident and was treated at Geisinger Medical Center.

If there is an extradition hearing, Johnson noted the Pennsylvania governor will need to file a request with the governor of North Carolina to order the suspect to be returned to the commonwealth.

When a warrant is issued, a preliminary arraignment is held where bail is set with a preliminary hearing scheduled before Judge Jeffrey Rowe.

It was unclear, Johnson said, if Bodden knew charges were forthcoming. They were filed at about the same time he was alleged to have left. He added that a governor’s warrant would then be issued.

The process could take some time, Johnson added, though suspects waive extradition hearings more times than not.

Johnson noted the charges were filed at the same time or shortly after Bodden left for North Carolina and may have not known they were coming.

He noted justified use of deadly force should not be confused with retaliation.

“When you retaliate, it is a crime,” Johnson said. “It is the commonwealth’s position that this person shot at the vehicles after they had passed by and were driving away.”

Jaheem Lewis, 18, of Lewisburg was also at the residence and was injured in the incident. He was treated and released from Geisinger Medical Center.

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