Milton Area School District students were having fun shaking ice-filled bags as part of the process of making ice cream during the district’s Enrichment Field Day, held Wednesday. Front and from left are: Abigail Saber, third grade; and Alex Familia, first grade. And rear, Gary Martin, eighth grade; Dominic Savidge, seventh grade; and Sarah Flynn, seventh grade.

MILTON — The smiles and laughter were evident Wednesday morning as Milton elementary and middle school students stood shoulder-to-shoulder shaking bags filled with ice and other treats.

The ice cream making station was one of several set up at the middle and high school complex where students tested their innovation while participating in a fun lesson.

Sue VanKirk, the Milton elementary gifted teacher, and Lynn Maynard, the district’s secondary gifted teacher, said Wednesday marked Milton’s first Enrichment Field Day.

“There are 48 children in grades one through 12 involved,” VanKirk said. “This is to bring together and recognize the enrichment kids are an important part of the district. We decided they needed some kind of recognition.”

In addition to the ice cream making station, other activities Wednesday morning included tie-dyeing T-shirts, making Ping Pong paddles, a mind challenge and playing an educational Frisbee game.

In the afternoon, students participated in a construction challenge.

Each of the students were also responsible for helping to make the various activities possible. For example, elementary students were required to bring a healthy snack.

At the high school level, Maynard said students designed the stations which were part of the morning activities.

In addition to bringing the students from across the grade levels together to participate in various activities, VanKirk noted that Wednesday was the first time elementary students would have lunch with high school students in the high school cafeteria.

In future years, VanKirk said the district may be able to incorporate enrichment students from other neighboring districts to participate in a day filled with activities.

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