Children of Eden

Matthew Potts, as Noah, talks to God while acting out a scene in Warrior Run’s upcoming ‘Children of Eden’ production.

TURBOTVILLE — Life is full of choices. Each of those choices has consequences, both positive and negative.

That is the underlying theme of “Children of Eden,” a musical featuring 101 Warrior Run High School students that will hit the stage March 12-14 in the Warrior Run Middle School Auditorium. The show starts at 7:30 each evening.

Tickets are $8 and can be purchased in advance at or at the door on the evenings of the show

Kevin Myers, the musical’s director, said there’s an advantage to purchasing online.

“The sooner (individuals) order tickets, the better seats they get,” he said. “They choose their seats online.”

Myers said patrons will want to have front-row seats for the show.

“I’ve directed this show twice before, once here and once at my church,” he said, adding that Warrior Run last staged the show in 2004.

“It’s a great show about choices,” Myers continued. “It has the best music of any musical out there.”

The first act of “Children of Eden” focuses on the story of the creation, through Adam and Eve, and their sons Cain and Abel.

“The whole second act is Noah and the ark,” Myers added. “I think what the audience will leave (the show) with is an understanding of the music being performed. (They will also see that) we have a choice, and what we choose has consequences, both negative and positive.”

Emily Webb, a 10th-grade student who plays Eve, said she likes the message of the show. She hopes those who see it will understand the importance of the many choices they have to make in life.

“I hope they leave with the impression that the choice is theirs, and people make bad decisions,” Webb said. “But in the end, it will be OK.”

Matthew Potts, a senior who plays Noah, is also enjoying his involvement in the production, particularly his portrayal of Noah.

“I get to experience what it’s like to be a father, and the pressure (Noah’s) under to save the world,” Potts said.

Auditions for the show were held in January, and Potts said the cast members started their rehearsals in January.

“I’ve been working on my lines since I was assigned the part,” Potts said. “Everybody is putting in a lot of time and effort.”

The cast of the show features: Jerry Toth as Father; Mitchell Keiser as Adam; Emily Webb as Eve; Kyle Blanchard as Cain; Dalton Hornberger as Abel; Tucker Hays as Young Cain; Brennan Daubert as Young Abel; Anthony Jones as Seth; Maddie Beyer, Kelsey Stahlnecker, Gabby Moore, McKenna Beyer, Breyana Rolon, Madison McConnell, Abby Bell, Brittany Hornberger and Tayler Murphy, all as snakes; Matthew Potts as Noah; Abigail Neamand as Mama Noah; David Witmer as Japheth; Lauren Yost as Yonah; Wes Bowers as Ham; Ian Lininger as Shem; Olivia George as Aysha; Sierra Anderson as Aphra; Cydnie Douglas, Breyana Rolon, Gabby Moore, Jennifer Dowdy, Olivia Sees, Laura Kessler, Darren Webb, Abby Bell, Shania Stone, Maddie Beyer, McKenna Beyer, Brittany Hornberger, Ashley Long, Laine Urbanski and Dalton Hornberger, all as soloists; Delaynee McLeod, Lydia Boyer, Natalie Phillips, Grace Hormel, Kelsey Stahlnecker, Lauren Bleistein, Shaelyn Bergerstock, Kyla Jacobs, Tori Ross, Lanie Urbanski, Tayler Murphy, Breyana Rolon, Mckenzie Williams, Kylee Nicholas, Kierra Trivelpiece, Abby Bell, Madi McConnell, Gabby Moore, Maddie Beyer, McKenna Beyer, Lauren Eurich, Rylie Urbanski, Alexa Randall, Corinne Thomas, Abbie Reed and Jimena Leacano, all as animals; Noelle Bergerstock, Gina Beyer, Brett Bieber, Isabella Brenington, Emma Burrows, Ian Cragun, Christopher Dyer, Bailey Frey, Alyssa Gainer, Keefer Goodspeed, Marley Gresh, Mikayla Griner, Rachel Grow, Emily Grunsby, Garrett Herriman, Pacey Howard, Bryce Kesler, Hailee Lannan, Madison Majcher, Haley Miller, Sadie Moser, Olivia Ossont, Alyssa Paige, Braden Pawling, Reed Pawling, Valerie Cerrone, Emily Pelletier, Cailyn Pfleegor, Allison Ranck, George Reasner, Tianni Reibsome, Kiann Repnyek, Cydnay Rice, Colby Robbins, Noah Roux, Baurzhan Sellard, Lexus Silvagni, Michael Sisley, Alyssa Snyder, Abigail Staman, Lydia Swanson, Eliana Wagner, Collin Walburn, Madison Welliver, Cameron Wirth, Drew Yocum and Megan Zimmerman, all as storytellers; Jonathan Moser, orchestra; and Sarah Zimmerman, lights.

Staff writer Kevin Mertz can be reached at 570-742-9671 or email

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