Andrea McGill, the Milton YMCA’s Membership Services coordinator, stirs a crock pot of soup while preparing for Wednesday’s Souper Bowl Party at the YMCA.

MILTON — The big game is on Sunday, and the partying has already started in Milton.

The YMCA hosted a Souper Bowl Party on Wednesday afternoon, with a variety of soups available for YMCA staff and members to taste.

Andrea McGill, the YMCA’s Membership Services coordinator, said this was the first year for the YMCA to host the event. The party started as an activity for the YMCA’s Active Older Adults (AOA) group and quickly expanded to include all YMCA members.

Ten crock pots filled with soup lined tables, decorated with table cloths resembling football fields, as the party started on Wednesday.

The premise behind the party, McGill said, was for YMCA staff and members to bring soup to be taste tested. Each participant paid $3 to participate in the event, and was able to cast a vote for their favorite soup.

Rich Romejko made the winning soup, called wholesome goodness soup, and was presented with a trophy from the YMCA. Bob Bausinger won a ribbon for making the soup which received the second highest number of votes, clam chowder.

Other soups available for tasting included taco, chicken pot pie, broccoli, pea and potato.

“They all smell so good, they smell so delicious,” McGill said prior to the event.

She did, however, have a favorite.

“I made the chicken pot pie,” she said, with a smile. “My pot pie noodle recipe was my husband’s grandmother’s. It was a passed-down recipe through the generations.”

Both she and Ron Marshall, the Milton YMCA’s executive director, expressed thanks to all of the members that participated.

“Last Monday when I put the (sign-up) list out, I had one person sign up to bring taco soup,” McGill said.

The number of participants quickly grew.

“From Monday to Wednesday, we had 10 soups,” McGill said. “I’m impressed with this. The members are all excited.”

Marshall was also impressed with the event.

“I would like to thank the members of the Milton YMCA who participated in our first souper bowl event, and also a huge thank you to Andrea McGill for spearheading the event and allowing our members to showcase their culinary skills,” Marshall said.

“We are truly blessed to have so many dedicated members willing to participate in the first ever souper bowl event,” he continued. “We had a great turnout and I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.”

McGill said the party would become an annual one, with the winner each year having their name added to a plaque which will be on display at the YMCA.

Events like Wednesday’s Souper Bowl Party will also become monthly occurrences at the YMCA.

Each month, McGill said the YMCA will be offering a different event for members, such as pot luck meals, craft days and game days.

Staff writer Kevin Mertz can be reached at 570-742-9671 or email

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