Mazeppa church plans programs

Craig Wheeland and the Rev. Michael B. Kaminski will each be part of worship services on successive Sundays at Mazeppa Union Church, 3200 Johnson Mill Road, Mazeppa.

LEWISBURG — The Rev. Ricky Phillips has announced two special programs planned for upcoming weeks.

Craig Wheeland will speak at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at Mazeppa Union Church, 3200 Johnson Mill Road, Mazeppa. Also, the Rev. Michael B. Kaminski will lead the worship service at 10:30 Sunday, July 21 at the church.

Wheeland planned to recount how a motorcycle crash nine years ago changed his life. Though a faithful church-goer, it made him reflect on his purpose and further compelled him to do mission work.

“The accident was in August (2010). I was able to walk again in September,” he recounted. “I signed up for my first mission trip ever to go in January 2011.”

Wheeland since has driven three trucks to Guatemala and built playgrounds in the Central American country. Once they arrive, the vehicles are donated to pastors.

The most recent trip included a breakdown in Mexico. But Wheeland said an unlikely series of events resulted in a near-miraculous transmission repair.

Wheeland, retired from USP Lewisburg, said his next mission would distribute motorbikes to India.

“I had this crazy idea to buy motorcycles for pastors,” he said. “I don’t have a church helping me. It is just a bunch of believers on Facebook.”

The plan to date is to buy four motorcycles for Christian pastors in India. Wheeland noted that some pastors in that country serve as many as three churches. Most of their days are spent walking from church to church. Wheeland said he would let God guide him, as he has no real contacts. His visa to visit is for most of October.

Kaminski said he would lead a worship service and planned to talk about Christ in the house of Mary and Martha. Kaminski said the excerpt from the Gospel of Luke illustrated the pitfalls of being too busy to love one’s family.

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